App Making Manual

Hey all,
In the last 3 weeks of this project timeline, I am making a manual on how to make an app. Ideally, this would be a general manual not on paper, but online, and I would post it on my blog. I think that making this would be an important aspect of my twenty percent project because it would outline what exactly I learned during the school year from my app making project.




Hey everybody!
I am working on my end of the year presentation. It is supposed to be formatted similar to a Ted talk. This means formatting my idea and presenting it in a way that sends a message and creates inspiration. Even though I may not have really finished my project app, I still have learned a lot, a lot. I learned about the process an entrepreneur goes through, and I have especially learned how to take an idea and execute on it. While I might not have finished coding my app, I learned a lot about how to make an app and I plan on working on this project during the summer! Meanwhile, I plan on wrapping my project up and formalizing what I plan on presenting.

The Beginning of May

Hey all,
My twenty-percent app project is supposed to be finished by the end of this month and leading into early next month, May. My app is currently on track to be finished with a second round of empathy interviews and prototyping by the first week in May.

In addition to working on finishing my app, I also worked on my website for DispoME and on the app logo. A website and a logo is very important for an app because it is crucial to market the product in order to gain any traction in the medical business.


I will definitely be conducting level 2 prototyping and empathy interviews next weekend.

The Next Continued Step


I am still working on modifications from last empathy interview session. I am not quite ready to conduct a round two of empathy interviews and prototype testing and I hope I will be ready by this weekend in order to conduct my round two empathy interviews. It is essential that I get ready soon because there are only a couple weeks left for this project and I am a bit behind from my plan from the beginning of the year. My app is only a rough design and I am STILL not sure about how to create videos in my app. I was working on this a couple of weeks ago and I came up with two layers for my product. The website, which I am working on, in which patients can log on and get a more in depth report, and the messaging system.

April Start

Hey everybody, 

Last month I planned out this months schedule. I am currently working on Phase One of improvements and modifications to my app according to feedback I received last month from empathy reviews. In addition, I am making a website organizing the product and its planned capabilities. I am planning on using this website as part of my presentation for the end of the year presentation. I am going to make improvements for about two weeks before consolidating a second prototype and conducting Phase Two of empathy interviews and prototype testing. This is the start of a very important process of rapid iterations of improvements and changes in the model of my app.


I may or may not provide incentive for people to test my prototype. Such as chocolate.


March Goals

Hey all,
I find that it is really helpful to make a plan for every single week at the beginning of the month in order to ensure that I make progress on my project. My goal for this month is to start phase two of prototyping and empathy interviews. The timeline for this goal is to make improvements from feedback I received last month from my phase one empathy interviews during the first week and second week. The last two weeks will be taking my new prototype and conducting phase two interviews and prototype testing at the same hospitals I went to before.

March Updates

Hey all,
Since it is nearing the end of the year, and I am starting to plan out my final presentation for my project. It is time to start wrapping up what goals I have and what objectives will be able to realistically achieve. I will be outlining my goals in a future blog post. Work for this month includes receiving feedback from my empathy reviews at hospitals around the Bay Area. In the meantime, for my end of the year presentation, I will be experimenting with odd cast, a free voice over website!

Here is the URL to the website.

Empathy Interview Part 2

Hey everybody,
Fun fact. Surveying people can be challenging! In the case of hospitals, you are not allowed to enter the premises, but you can stand outside and interview people as they exit the hospital. I found out that depending on what area you are in, some people are more willing than others to respond to survey questions. My survey was based on testing my app idea prototype. I got some great feedback including new ideas to include in my features, what exactly people are looking for in a product like this, and design characteristics that make functionality more efficient and intuitive. These are all very important things to learn about from the public because my app is targeting people going through the medical system, and if the actual app does not appeal to these people, it will not be useful, nor would it be solving any real world problem. I am so glad that stage one prototyping is complete!

prototype (drawing) of layout of information. I also got feedback on what information to include in my app!

How to Make Survey Questions

Hey everybody,
I forgot to include how I got feedback on the market for my project last week. I made some survey question targeted at looking at the interest in a product such as the one I am making. Some things I did to make good survey questions was 1) not including biased questions, 2) asking short and easy to answer questions ( people don’t want to answer questions if they have to write a whole paragraph for them!), 3) including enough answers. These are all very important to get good responses! I learned about these techniques mostly through research! It is amazing what you can google! Look at some of my questions below!



Hey everybody,
As part of my empathy interviews I went out and surveyed people as the first step in testing my products necessity within the medical system. I got surprisingly positive results for a need for my app idea from normal people going to hospitals and going through the medical system. This is very, very good for me! This feedback means that I can actually make a difference in the medical world that will address real life problems and create real, effective solutions. Yay! Next step for me will be testing my prototype at medical centers and hospitals around the Bay Area.

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